Thursday, August 7, 2014

Missing home

Time flies. It's close to a year since I left home for Edinburgh. As much as I miss home and it's culture, I am grateful for the new experiences I have gained thus far.

Personally, with each new experience my homesickness is cured, bit by bit.
I've learnt to enjoy the drones of bagpipes, and would jump into any Ceilidh that's available for free.
Sometimes, I cook home-like dishes (first 2 pictures), if I crave for something from home.

This post features some new experience in the kitchen, which of course, is a perfect antidote for homesickness. :)

Things I've learnt from these kitchen experiences:
#1. Cooked red split lentils turn out mushy. Choose alternatives, like green lentils or yellow split peas instead!
#2. The nearby French bakery shop gets down to serious business when it comes to baking-fresh!
#3. Kale is my new favourite green. 
#4. I can't learn to like parsley, still trying a bit of tarragon, but I would never say no to basil and mint


How I crave for roti jala and beef rendang,
and Penang's Assam Laksa, and Nasi Kandar plus extra kuah kari,
Sitting here, I'm grateful for the steak medium well done,
But where can I find Mos Burger, or even the one from Ramly's?

Of course I miss my good old kakis* 
If only...
We could lepak* here like in mamak stalls, except with haggis, neeps and tatties;
and down some good Scotch whiskies,
We could later hop into endless free comedies,
or perhaps join in some Scottish pub ceilidhs!

"Mom, mail me some naan and chicken tandoori from Melaka's Pak Putra,
would you?"
...I asked over Skype.
"Dear, I'm afraid no tiffin can sail through the Royal Mail!"
...she chuckled.
Well, I'm no baby, that would cry or wail,
..thought I.
I'll try to make some bread myself,
despite to little avail,
I am happy it didn't turn out stale!

Enough, Juliet! Yearn no more,
The bliss from spring and blast this summer,
how dare you ask for more?
Those lovely shrubs in the Botanics, had you not adore?
The Games and festivals, what could these exchange for?
Yes, I shall be happy with what we have here in store,
But my content would complete,
if only I could have the soybean curd from Rochor, Geylang Steet!

*For info, feel free to click on the links for those highlighted yellow.
*Kakis = buddies
* Lepak = to hang out

Home food: Steamed sweet cabbage
The remedy: Steamed Sea Brass with Fermented Beancurd

Something I tried: Kale chips!
Green Lentils with Thai Fish Sauce, garnished with dried basil and chilli powder for the spicy kick!

Lemon Pepper Seafood Soup & Sour-bread from French bakery

Kale sautéed with onions, served with sour-bread, soft cheese and Cauliflower

Squeeze of fresh lemons for flavour
Got some potted basil and mint from LIDL.

Thai freshness:  Chicken with a fresh taste of Bell Peppers & Basil

Summer flavour: Avocado Chickpea Salad with Sauteed Mushroom 

...(and later, Eggplant)

What do you do when you miss home?


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