Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Song" = ultimate satisfaction

Not in the mood to blog too much this week.
To be honest, I prefer reading and listening. Nonetheless, I intend to sum up this week's experience, within and beyond the kitchen.


I have always feared using an oven (conventional). It left me with a scar on my left arm since I was 10. Only recently, the mark has gradually faded. When I moved into my new flat for the coming academic year, my flatmate taught me the basics of the oven we have. That was while I watched her dished up her dinner using just the oven. Impressed, I decided to give it ago (against all fears). 

So there, I tried it first on a seafood side-dish, followed by oatmeal, my first time baking a loaf of bread, and later managed to serve up a complete dinner just using the oven. 
The feeling of "song" did not come just from savouring each mouthful of those dishes. The best "song" was the sense of accomplishment, and exhilaration that came with it- I overcame my fear. 

I would bring this courage with me beyond the kitchen, and am sure, can create a life full of "song" - a life I love. 

Have the courage to:

1. Practise vulnerable.
-What?: Process of owning your story
-Why? : Allows you to stand strong and appreciate the experiences that made you YOU. Provides the foundation for us to step forward more courageously as we build increasing self-acceptance. 
-How?: Open up to people we trust about our life process

2. Embrace self-doubt
This does not imply an inability to be courageous. Each time we head for a new turn, self-doubt lingers. We don't have much experience to go on to form a realistic hypothesis on how well we'll do. 
So, JUST DO IT ANYWAY. Self-doubt will always be a deterrent. Don't let it gain more power than it already has. 

3. Be myself

4. Let go of "finding my purpose"; it will find me. 

5. Fail 
I think this statement stands on it's own. Have the courage to pick oneself up and move on. "No one really fails; they simply quit". 


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  1. Nice post Juliet. Really phylosophical and made me think!