Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dear Grandma, 

I'll try to go to bed earlier, and remind myself to keep my eyes moist, okay? All right, I promise, happy? 

Lately, despite the wet, unpredictable weather, and a spoilt mobile phone, I've been smiling without realising! I'm sure you'd be happy for me too!

Yesterday was my first visit to Calton Hill. I was there to meet a group of Malaysians for a joint project organised by one of the members. The scenery was breathtaking, and the seaview reminded me of home.It was a lovely evening well spent among some good company. I picked some white flowers, which reminded me of us, taking a photo together during uncle's wedding.  I was surprisingly calm and cheerful throughout the day, despite how hectic my morning went earlier the same day. 

I even made myself a satisfying, artsy lunch! Mom doesn't really approve of how "artsy" my dishes are, but I supposed she was just joking. Hah! Making "artsy" dishes remind me of how you have an eye for the arts.

I'm not sure what they are called, but I adore them!

Smile!: Lime Pepper & Mushroom Steel Cut Oatmeal with 1/2 boiled egg and Avocado

Say cheese!: Garam Masala Steel Cut Oats with Marrowfat Peas, Sweet Potato & Avocado (served with Cauliflower & Celery) 
Made with your fav ingredients:  Lemon Seafood Paella with Cauliflower & Garlic-stuffed Olives (Oven cooked)

It has been pouring all day today. However, I'm grateful for how the day went, and I'd consider it a productive one. Things did not go as how I have planned out the night before, due to the traffic congestion and heavy rain. Since the start of the Fringe Festival, I have never seen the city flooded with so many people (and cars!). It's very much like any festive season back home. (Think North South Highway, during Raya season, or Sungai Besi in the morning...) I had some fun in the kitchen, did laundry, tidied my room, changed the beddings, and learnt how to use the oven (finally!!!). Oh, and I tried some olives stuffed with garlic too! I'm sure you'd love them. Both ingredients were your favourite! I remembered how I refused to try black olives when you offered. I'm pretty sure I'll like them now for their firm, slightly tart and fruity taste.
I made the Paella using Pearl Barley. Remember how Mom would boil barley drink for you everyday too?  

I felt your presence late at night, as I procrastinated on switching off my bedlight. I saw you smile approvingly as I snuggle under my duvet. I was reminded how you would not sleep until you were sure I was in bed. Remember, how you frightened me at 2am, when I crept quietly back into the room after feeling satisfied with my Chemistry revision? I still couldn't help laughing as I reminisce our bedtime moments. We are both night owls, while grandpa would be snoring away minutes after he lay down (even while the room was still lighted!). You and I would listen to music, whatever your choice- oldies, Chinese classical orchestra, Chinese folk songs, or the neighbour's stereo! 

It's still raining as I'm writing to you. Remember how Julie and I used to help you put on your night socks? I'm wearing a pair now too, for its a chilly night. 

Good night for now! Till my next letter to you.


Flowers from spring remind me of you...

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