Saturday, July 26, 2014


Dishing out my tribute to ...

 My dearest grannywhom I still deeply love and miss.....

Roses were your favourite,
You were never inaccurate, 
In music and colours, 
You taught me to be considerate, 
Even while chasing our passions, 
Never be too passionate!

I played The Sweet Bye and Bye, 
which you enjoyed humming by, 
Though you never knew the words, 
Your accompaniment was what I looked forward;
As now I look backwards, 
I wish I have now my songbird.

As you started to go frail, 
I know you tried not to wail, 
It pains me to hear something your body failed, 
Nonetheless, you quietly assured me...
"My strength shall prevail", 
Till today you remain my strong nightingale. 

Julie and I used to quarrel, 
over who would push your wheelchair around, 
No, we never thought it was a trouble, 
We just wanted you to be there, 
wherever we travel; 
But there's only a pair of hands for a pair of handles, 
Oh, how we squabbled over something so miserable. 
I now miss us, acting like squirrels. 

You are now up above the sky, 
enjoying the endless fragrance of roses, 
blooming in such beauty, one could never deny;
I promise I shall not cry, 
I know you are watching above high, 
But do try to come down like a butterfly, 
And we could hum along The Sweet Bye and Bye, 
Before we bid each other goodbye. 

Enjoyed with thoughts of you in company...

StrawberryChia Oatmeal with strawberry sauce and dollops of Greek yogurt

Roses are red;  my thoughts of you shall never fade

Frothy Hot Milk was our favourite, But I enjoy it with cinnamon incorporate.

What underlies this steamed cabbage?
A steaming bowl of beef brisket, which I know you'd love!
Doenjang Cabbage Soup-we would enjoy the slurp!
For you, the Fish Queen: Steamed Cod Fish and Carrots (also your favourite veg), too bad no fish head!

Sweet potato kueh (Malay sweet cake)
I'll make sure Mommy's not watching ;-)

We both love the crust/base best...

Not forgetting... the victims of MH17, the recent Algerian and Taiwanese airplanes, the innocent victims in Gaza, and the ill-fated MH370

Red Lentils in Marmite, with Kale, Mushroom and a final dash of Chilli Pepper
Red Lentils in Vegetable Stew with a touch of Garam Masala and Basil
Both dishes feature a fusion of ingredients from various cultures.
I tend to not classify the origins of my ingredients used, each time I am in the kitchen. I follow my instincts, armed with a strong stomach. 
Just as how I play around with ingredients (by not judging any of them), I hope that people would all work towards more unity and peace- by not judging/stereotyping/labelling those around us. 

As a volunteer, I treasure and am grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many people- individuals of different race, creed, colour, religion and circumstances, 
It is sad to see how nations are divided by political conflicts, when people, in general, I just...people.

You and I, 
We may look, speak, think or act different,
But we are all one human race, 
I hope, and still believe,
what we have for each other, 
is grace. 


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