Thursday, July 17, 2014

1st Post: ABC Kitchen Day

Thought of this Kitchen Challenge yesterday night before dozing off to Slumberland: ABC Kitchen Challenge -to serve up each meal coming up with names that follow "ABC"

2 simple Rules
#1. Not to get new ingredients, ie, use whatever available in the fridge.
#2. Puts a smile on your face as you tuck in.

Woke up next morning...Challenge accepted, and by evening, Challenge WON!


Breakfast: AppleBananaChia Oatmeal messed in Greek YogurtLunch: AvoBellChick(pea) Pasta with Cauliflower sideDinner: Asian Balsamic Cod served with Garlic-Ginger Rice & Veg Side 

*can add a "D" at the end of "cod" for "dressing"!

Reflecting on ABC Kitchen Day Challenge

Thinking about meal names, while sticking to Rule #1, was the main challenge. For breakfast, I was deciding between using Avocado and Apple for "A", and for "C", Chia/Cheese/Cocoa. I decided on Apple, as I was a bit tired of the former choice for breakfast over the past few days already. The choice for "C" was really my stomach's calling. :)
Deciding for Lunch was a bit funny, though. Guess what my first thought was?...AvoBawangChickpea Pasta. Bawang  as in "onion" in the Malay Language. I bet "Bell" sounded better. Do you find it funny when "Bell" is paired with "Chick(pea)"? "Bell" as in "belle" or "girl", and "chick"...we all know, don't we?

Now for dinner, it was supposed to be AvoBalsamic Courgette. My stomach disagreed, "Avo again???!!!". It tends to go for Asian-inspired flavours, mostly because it reminds me of home at the end of each day. So I decided to give Balsamic an Asian twist. I swapped Courgette for Cod when I remembered I have frozen cod in the freezer, and the freezer needs defrosting soon. So there, I don't have to think about what protein for dinner!

Back to the idea of setting up a blog....

I created an album for this Challenge on my Facebook page (link below), as I always would do the same whenever I mess around in the kitchen. 
So, why did I thought of blogging now? Why not just create albums? After all, it saves all the trouble of typing (penning) down my thoughts...
Now here's why...
1. Healthy, good, food doesn't have to come with a heavy price
As a student, what more, an international student (in UK), I try to stick within a budget. Having said so, I am not willing to compromise on the quality of food I would feed myself. 
Now, I'm not saying that I go all organic, or shop around higher end grocery stores. I shop around the stores I can get the best bargain, and I go for fresh produce most of the time. 

2. My interest in music, language, social and culture
I have always been a food enthusiasts, but I'm not a food junkie. One can even call me a "food police". I'm in for building a healthy relationship with food. I believe in eating for both  nourishment and it's pleasure. Food doesn't just fuels us, it feeds our mind and soul. 
Each of the meal I serve up myself has a story to tell, just like each piece of music I listen to or play.

So there, my 2 reasons. I'd say, perhaps this could be a new interest I took up recently? We shall see how this blog grows...

Right, enough of ramblings. I am unsure if I would be consistent with this blog, due to my schedule (and my willingness to share). I am also unsure if I would share anything beyond the kitchen.

 Nevertheless, here's to a start!



                                                              AppleBananaChia Oatmeal w my daily cup of hot milk

Breakfast upclose....

All messed up in Greek!


AvoBellChick(pea) Pasta w Cauliflower side
Lunch upclose; White Wine Vinegar cold dressing


Asian Balsamic Cod w Veg & GarlicGinger Rice

Balsamic Cod w its Dressing

Cod sans Dressing

The rice reminded me of Chicken Rice back home...

I like to add some extra splash of sesame oil as I dig in

 Link to my album:

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